For 125 years, Vogue has been the best source for latest fashion. To celebrate its long history, Vogue has teamed up with Kith to produce a line of anniversary sweatshirts.

Since the start of its journey, Vogue has been revolutionary. It is the magazine every fashion lover follows. To celebrate this anniversary of the popular magazine, Vogue and Kith have created rainbow sweatshirts, which would be available in the stores in two different styles this month.

These two styles target the transcend gender and Unisex. On the other hand, Vogue has come up with Rainbow sweatshirt because they wanted to tell their audience a vast story with a spectrum of colours (which were used for Vogue covers since 125 years).

The fall is finally here, and when the leaves are changing, we like bundling up. These sweatshirts give commemorative looks.

The crewneck style is expected to hit the Vogue and Kith stores on September 4, and the hoodie style is expected to be launched on September 11. Seriously, it is difficult to make choices between different colours and two styles of sweatshirts.

These sweatshirts can make anything look fashionable. One must accept the truth that once they decide to shop for these anniversary sweatshirts, they would end up buying all the rainbow colours.

So, you must wait till the sweatshirts hit the store and they are in your possession. But that’s fine warmth and fashion cannot be rushed.


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