Our wardrobe can be a mess if we aimlessly keep stuffing clothes and don’t organize it efficiently. It might have happened multiple times when we get ready for a party, for office meetings, for important dates etc. We open the cupboard and just then it hits upon us. In spite of having a cupboard filled with clothes, we have nothing to wear at all. This is nothing but ‘paradox of choice’, which means that a person is not able to decide what to wear because of too many options and finally he/she ends up buying more clothes.

These things unnecessarily waste your time and you end up spending more on clothing and accessories when you could have easily avoided purchasing it. To save your time and money, we have come up with a complete guide that can help you buy the essential apparels that are the perfect fit for your wardrobe. Never have that “I have nothing to wear I hate everything” moment again.

  1.    Black Trousers/ Jeans

The best item out of your closet, black jeans goes with all types of t-shirts, shirts, and compliments you. Buying two to three pairs of good quality black jeans will help you in selecting your preferred outfit for the day faster.

  1.    Denim Jacket

A jean jacket in denim never goes out of fashion. In fact, it is trendy and often helps you stay warm when you head out to parties during chilly weathers. You can wear it with dress, jeans, skirts, shorts and look your best.

  1.    Sky Blue Jeans

Faded blue jeans can be worn casually or when you are chilling out with friends. You can also wear it to college and pair it up with striped shirts or t-shirts to complete the outfit.

  1.    Blazer

Blazers are basics, especially if you often head out for parties, important office meetings and conferences. Wearing blazers just boosts your confidence.

  1.    White Tee

Again wardrobe essentials, white tees can be essentially paired up with anything ranging from jeans or shorts. You can also wear any shirt over it and look trendy and cool.

  1.    Striped Shirts

These shirts never go out of fashion and can be worn to office and also as a casual outfit. Wear it with trousers and head to the office. Wear it with jeans and you become ready to go shopping, for a movie with friends or just casual stuff.

These items in your wardrobe will help you save yourself from the paradox choices. Saving more time and spending less money is definitely a good deal for us.


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