Did you know RO water purifiers are capable of removing dissolved salts present in the water?

Each one of us have made the mistake of purchasing the first product that caught our fancy. But, we should be a lot more wiser in choosing a water purifier as our and our family’s health depends on drinking clean and pure water.

After intense research, we have come up with a list of the top 3 RO water purifiers that we think are perfect for home use.

Ready? Here we go…

1. HUL Pureit 6 Litres Mineral Classic RO+UV Water Purifier

This RO + MF water purifier with 6 liters storage capacity is one of the best RO water purifiers for small families with limited budget. At such an affordable price point, this product offers 6-stage water purifier. On top of that, the cooperative customer support is simply matchless

2. Aquaguard Geneus RO + UV +UF 7L Water Purifier

It uses the optimum purification technology that helps to remove all the dissolved impurities and contaminants from the water. It ensures that you are drinking water completely free of germs, virus and bacteria.

3. Kent Grand RO+UV 8L Water Purifier

The Kent Grand Plus is an upgrade of the very popular Kent Grand water purifier. It comes with an auto-on and auto-off mechanism, transparent design and the Food Safe ABS plastic ensures that there is no corrosion. Since its debut, this product has received a lot of positive feedback. Highly recommended for all.



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