If your hair is the cause of your daily grief with no shampoos, conditioners or styling sprays causing any relief, it’s time to check the quality of your tap water.We often put the blame on diet, hormones or hair products when our hair looks dull and dry and there is increased hair loss. Let us see what hard wateris, its impact on our hair and how to fix it.

What Is Hard Water?

When water coming out of your faucet isn’t just H2O but contains significant amounts of dissolved minerals like calcium, magnesium, silica, and lead, it is referred to as hard water.The pH level of pure water is 7, but it varies between 6 and 8.5 depending upon the various minerals and salts mixed in it. The higher the pH, the harder is the water.

Impact of Hard Water on Hair

Hair is naturally negatively charged and the positively charged minerals present in hard water bind with it making it look dull and dry. The hair follicles weaken due to this binding and eventually break leading to hair loss.

The other reason for hair loss due to hard water is that washing out the soap deposits, shampoos and mineral deposits from hair is difficult using hard water. To remove this build-up, you start using harsh soap and thus get into the vicious cycle of washing more often and losing even more. It results in reducing the effectiveness of shampoos and hair conditioners.

To solve this hard water problem, we can proceed as follows:

Long-Term Solutions

These solutions are what are going to solve your hard water problem once for all.

Use Water Softener: Water softeners are appliances that are designed to soften the water. They do so by removing the various minerals present in it. Often these minerals are present as contaminants from the excess runoff of pesticides, fertilizers, sewage wastes from industries etc.

These water softeners work in two ways.

  • One is salt-based softeners, which help in removing minerals completely before the water runs through your system. Installing this type of softener will ensure that water coming out from any tap in your house is soft.
  • The other type of softener makes use of electromagnetic waves and are actually known as water conditioners. It is installed on a particular faucet and the water coming out of that faucet becomes soft. So, you can install it in your bath faucet and wash your hair with soft water.

Short-Term Solutions

You can try some short-term solutions like:

  • After washing your hair, use distilled water for the final rinse.
  • As the pH level of hard water is more than 7, you can use a rinse that is more acidic in nature to balance it out.
  • You can even go for hair products that are specifically designed for usage in hard water.

Hard water is a real problem and you need to address it for the sake of your hair. Going for a permanent solution, however, makes more sense.


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