If you ask any lady what are the three things that are must for her wardrobe she will often come up with a pair of jeans, a black dress and a white tee or shirt. Seldom will you find people mentioning skirts though they are known to offer myriad combinations.

Here are six styles in skirts that are a must have in every woman’s closet. These days you can even buy skirts online.

  • Pencil Skirt: A perfect one for any formal event or for office goers. They are form filling and flatters most of the body types. You can team it up with shirt or blazer depending upon the occasion. It is perfect for facing an interview or giving a presentation. They look smart elegant and give a feel of a modern woman.

  • Maxi Skirt: These long skirts are a perfect wear for an evening date or dinners. Those who are short can adorn this to give an illusion of longer legs. Depending upon your body type you can team it up with a fitted tee or a loose one. A loose maxi skirt with a fitted tee showing a little of mid rib looks super sexy.

  • Broomstick Skirt: This is known for its casual relaxed look. You can wear it for any casual gathering along with a tank top, tee or a camisole. Any casual footwear like flip-flop sandals gel perfectly well with it. This outfit keeps you comfortable as its flowing and airy especially in warm weather. This simple piece of clothing actually makes you look chic and trendy.

  • Gored Skirt: This is a very trendy and fashionable piece of clothing. They are mostly knee length and the heavyweight fabrics like velvet, wool and tweed works extremely well in it. They go well for casual events and if in heavyweight fabrics they can be worn in semi-formal events too. It’s extremely comfortable but needs a bit of maintenance as the seams need to be ironed in order to be kept straight.

  • Mini Skirt: Going out for girls only outing, then the first skirt that pops up in mind is a mini skirt. It is always in trend for those lovely bubbly girls who want to have fun and frolic. It is cute and flirty and you can shine up in this skirt with the right accessories and footwear.

  • Fishtail Skirt: A very feminine piece of garment which is also called the mermaid skirt. It snuggles up at the hips hence you should be extremely careful in picking up the right size for you. As it brings out the curves you need to pair it up with a complementing top to keep the balance and distracting the attention.

You can either buy skirts online or from a physical store but they should not be neglected. They not only come in various colours but also in various cuts. There are skirts for almost every occasion right from casual to semi-formal to formal. In fact, they are the most flexible and versatile piece of garment.



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