Winter boots

Every girl deserves the perfect pair of boots that is not just stylish but also something that reflects her personality, and at the same time, is equally functional, and comfortable to wear. There is a mind-boggling range of boots out there and picking the right pair can be tough and confusing. Here are a few tips to get you started on picking the perfect pair that will suit you best:

Basic Considerations Before You Start Your Boot-Hunt

  • Think about what kind of boots will go best with your activity. Since the variety at disposal is humungous, starting with the activity will narrow down the choice to a large extent. For example bulky waterproof boots are not exactly very flattering to wear with a short leather skirt on a night out at the club.
  • What material would you like? Pick the material based on the features. If you are looking for waterproof, rubber boots go great. Would you want something durable for rough wear or something light and breathable for regular use.
  • When you think you’ve seen a pair you like, try them on with the socks and walk around for as long as possible to get a feel of the fit.

How Much Do You Walk?

  1. Light walking: These are good for every day general day walking and are usually made just for comfort. They have cushioning and have a membrane that is waterproof that makes them weather proof. These are not very durable and are made for walking on smooth terrain.
  2. Mid walking: These are more durable that the light walking boots. They usually work when going on tours with backpacks. These can be a blessing when you need to cover rougher terrains by foot since they provide great support.
  3. Mountaineering: These top end boots are made for special activities and extended trips. These are way heavier, provide optimal support and are perfect when going out for climbing or mountaineering.

Materials Used

Fabric: These boots are usually made of nubuck, imitation leather, suede, nylon etc. These are lighter and are great for everyday use. A short trip that does not involve walking over rough terrains is what these boots can handle. Generally, they are coated with waterproof membrane like sympatex and Gore-Tex. These are 100% waterproof.

Leather Boots: Leather, like in the old times, still remains the principle material to make boots. Leather boots are available in 3 types: Full grain, spilt leather and nubuck.  Full grain leather are great for wearing to long trips which involve climbing over rough terrains.

5 Tips for Paying the Perfect Pair of Leather Boots

  1. Decide what kind of leather boots you would like: Black, patent (shiny finish) or coloured leather.
  2. Decide on the size you would like: ankle length, knee length or thigh high.
  3. Would you want heels? The ones with heels add an oomph factor and are great when you want to dress to impress otherwise flat boots are more functional.
  4. Make sure the boots are waterproof as they last longer.
  5. Research on how the leather was made, since many of them engage in illegal activities in acquiring the leather. You could also pick a pair made in imitation leather if you have any moral qualms.

A great pair of boots can instil the right amount of confidence in the woman wearing it and could also help a wild streak resurface.  Gipsy Dharma offers an awesome collection of leather boots that are a must-have for all the boot lovers.


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