Riverdale stars Camila Mendes and Lili Reinhart have shared major friendship goals since Veronica Lodge, and Betty Cooper first crossed paths. These two stars are known for their friendship off-screen as well, as they hang out after shooting hours and hit a like for worthy Instagram posts. They have their own approach to personal style both off and on the show, but the duo has kept many of the fans awaiting patiently. And, finally, it happened!!!

According to reports, Reinhart and Mendes were first approached by the teen heritage brand for Bongo BFFs, where the actresses need to be the faces of back-to-school friendship-themed campaign.

For this, the actresses have hit the highway through California, entirely with Vintage convertible retro diners and candid Polaroids.

Mendes has given a statement – “This campaign is all about female friendships that are positive, which is something that we continue to promote on our show, and also Lili and I have gotten very close through this whole experience of being on the show together.”

This is not the first time that Bongo starred TV favourites in advertisements. Earlier campaigns were starred by Pretty Little Liars famed Ashley Benson and Lucy Hale. Lili has stated – “Cami and I are excited to be Bongo girls because we grew up seeing young women we admired, like Vanessa Hudgens and Lucy Hale, in the brand’s ads.” Reinhart also added -“Sharing the experience of shooting your first fashion campaign is something made extra special when you get to do it with one of your best friend.


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