Quantzig, which is a global analytics and advisory firm, has completed their latest merchandising analytics study, which is on the apparel industry. They are the global analytics solutions provider.

Working in the field for more than 15 years, they have offices in various countries like India, China, US, UK and Canada. As their solutions help their clients to leverage analytics for prudent decision making, this recent case study and report by them is definitely going to be of great help to the people interested in the apparel industry.

The apparel industry today plays a vital role in any nation’s economy by the creation of employment and the revenue generation. As the fashion industry is very dynamic in nature, there are new trends in fashion with each passing day. These ever-changing trends make the apparel industry one of the most in-demand businesses.

Those who want to succeed in this industry in a big way like to have full data and analysis of various parameters to get predictive insights. These parameters include returns, sales, how to maintain the right balance between the demand-supply gap to maximize pricing effectiveness etc. When we talk of the global apparel industry, it includes a wide range of establishments ranging from manufacturing of custom apparels to full-lines of ready-to-wear.

In the words of a merchandising analytics expert at Quantzig, “Merchandising analytics help firms optimize markdowns and promotions, track new product performance, and improve overall profit margins.”

The merchandising analytics report by Quantzig will help the market players in accessing all these important parameters. Though they have provided the solution for a leading apparel industry manufacturer, in particular, it will benefit other players too. It will help them in the betterment of their store performance and their merchandising efficiency.


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