MadeMe made headlines last year when they revamped the collaborative collection of X-Girl, the alternative 90s label. This streetwear label had a campaign, which featured X-Girl creator’s daughter, Coco Gordon Moore, and Kim Gordon, the singer of Sonic Youth. This season, MadeMe founder was looking for a face to represent their collection and that face had to be someone who would evoke an attitude that synced with both the labels.

The only name that came into his mind was Lourdes “Lola” Leon, the daughter of famous pop singer Madonna and the star of the second campaign. Her dressing style is exactly what they wanted for this campaign as seen on her Instagram account.

To get Leon to show her true root colors, Magee tapped Mayan Toledano, a photographer and led them across New York downtown in guerrilla fashion. In March, when the temperatures went up to 30 degrees, these three went to apartment roofs, dollar stores, and even a porn shop. All they did was go in snap a few photos and run back out.  Doing all this, Magee said that they were able to find themselves in New York like situations and from them, they can see Leon come into her own style.

The designs portrayed by Leon are available for purchase on MadeMe’s website. These X-Girl x MadeMe designs would definitely bring out the 90s in you.


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