Recently Katie Holme was spotted in her new cool dress walking around the streets of Italy. She looked so fabulous in her casual attire that Vogue covered a whole article on it. This past spring season must-have mom staple was the camo jacket, which paparazzi first spied on the stylish actress, Katie Holmes.

It’s quite clear and indeed pronounced that every time she wears something new, it becomes a trend. While we also know that her chic progeny sets the trends, she is becoming a global fashion icon.

If we talk about her get up, a toughened-up classic tank look on the t-shirt is simply awesome. Her distressed top comes with devil-may-care attitude and mixes up perfectly with her punk-inspired plaid pants.

Double duty Versace stilettos add fur to the cap. Subtle sophistication and OTT glamour make her stand out of the crowd (note the glided Medusa head!) all at once. On the top of that, the grace that she carries while strutting herself is mesmerizing.

Katie Holmes is currently in Italy visiting some of Verona’s famous sites during this weekend. This weekend site seeing would also include scenes which immortalized Romeo and Juliet. Katie kept her vacation wardrobe as comforting and elegant as her red carpet ensembles. She wore a tailored leather jacket in a hybrid shade with the blending of aborigine and oxblood.

Holmes’s off-duty look also includes vintage RRL denim, retro Reebok high tops and fresh takes on monochrome. This weekend, she also mixed it up with a tailored leather jacket. The jacket is the most elegant part of her whole attire. It includes buckle design details at the collar and cuffs with the oversize silhouette.

Katie Holmes is a trendsetter in the true sense. The way she carries herself in her cool attire is simply fabulous.


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