Astrology is the study of the correlation between the movements and position of the celestial bodies and life and physical processes on Earth and how they work on us. Western Astrologers work with the Sun, Moon and other planets in the solar system while some astrologers work on the stars and constellations.

Astrology is a knowledge that can be tested and verified. Astrology allows practical and meaningful changes of every individual to improve their quality of life.

Many of us believe in astrology because it offers many things which we find desirable like information about the future and assurance, a way to feel connected with the entire cosmos and also about the future decision making. It also helps to avoid strains in the marital relationship, education, profession, etc.

For example study of the astrological charts of two different persons is done before the marriage to determine their degree of compatibility and the same applies to business relationship and personal relationships. This is done to avoid any mishappenings in the future with the partners

Understanding the horoscope of other person helps us to know their strengths and weakness and, deal with them accordingly. We can avoid conflicts or any other negative consequences with that person in future.

Astrology also shares certain beliefs called “New Age,” which means that nothing in this life is coincidental. Whatever the things which happen to us, from the smallest to the most insignificant event, occur for a particular reason.

Astrology Washington provides answers to why certain things happen to us, and also a possible way to predict our future. In this way, astrology helps to understand the lives of the people and the world around them- who wouldn’t like to know about their future?

Scientific studies prove that 90% of the adults know their zodiac signs. Also, these studies indicate that half of the zodiac signs descriptions are a right fit: Taurus are energetic, Aries are energetic, etc.

Some of the interesting facts about the astrology are: Students of Age 18-21 who read horoscope once a month are around 70%. Out of this 70%, 51% of the students strongly believed it, and also there is evidence where they have shown the astrology has been correctly working on them. They have got the results as said by the astrologers.

Also, 73% of the British adults believe that the astrology works for them as per the Gallup’s polls. Surveys made by the Gallup have shown that the positive response for valuing an astrology is about twice as high.

Astrology is popular across the world because of the following reasons mentioned above. Astrology is nothing but a science of understanding the personality traits of an individual and work on their strengths and weakness to enhance their lifestyle. This is one of the primary reason why many believe and follow it.


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