Annie Leibovitz photographed Chelsea Manning for the U.S Vogue Magazine September issue. For this shoot, Chelsea Manning posed in a swimming costume on the beach.

Manning, 29 has posted this picture of hers on Instagram with the caption: “This is what freedom looks like.”

After being released from prison after her sentence for leaking crucial military documents to Wikileaks, she tells the magazine about making herself comfortable with the new reality.

She told the magazine that her goal was to figure out where she wants to be in the next six months.


After spending 3 years in military services and 7 years behind bars, she said that she was in a shock to see how everyone is spending much time on phones rather than spending time with each other.

She is planning to move to Maryland to meet her relatives. She said that she hasn’t seen her mother yet.

She also stated that she was not guilty of leaking the documents and spending seven years behind bars, but felt a need for a better way to raise concern.

She said, “There should be something to do about the government’s wrong doings, illegal and immoral activities. Also, everyone says to approach the right channel to put front these wrong doings of the government. But, the proper channels don’t work.”


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