When you are trying to cut your budget and decide on making your customized wedding invitation, you need someone’s help. With over hundreds of guests, you will be busy for few weeks or even more than a month. You will find things easier with websites that offer online wedding invitation, since they customize your wedding invitations. Invitations can be done beautifully within the budget, and without any fancy things, if you know the basics. In order to move ahead with the design process, you need to start with this 6 aspects –

Use Poems or Quotes      

There are several number of online wedding invitations companies who offer different templates as well as designs. You just need to choose the text that to be printed. Look for a short poem or quote that conveys everything. It makes your invitations look more appealing as well as standout.

Make sure that you do not forget about embellishments such as fabric, ribbons, buttons, beads, and stamps. You can even consider fonts and clip arts. Clipart is a great way of spicing up the invitations economically. With small purchase, you can add several things.

Add 3-D accents

This takes the form of raffia, leaves, or sequin embellishments in order to get complete customized appearance. You can save money by ordering in bulk, when it comes to text that is to get printed on invitations.

Design Distinctive Logo

You can design your name with a unique logo. There are several software’s that supports editing and creating designs. It is recommended to approach a specialized graphic designer, who can make your invitation really stand out by stylish typography to the names.

Include Image of the Venue

If the wedding is in some kind of historical place or any other good-looking venue, then you can add an image of the venue, which makes easier for guests to identify it. It’s a nice idea to include venue image.

Add URL of Your Wedding Blog

These days wedding websites and blogs are becoming very popular among couples in order to share their stories and insights about the big day.

Try Following the Traditional Way

It is recommended to seal invitation envelope with wax seal, which is one of the traditional ways to add the classy touch.

Added Benefits

Designing your wedding invitations is one of the best way to flex your muscles and cut costs. These invitations are ordered in bulk from printer, or you can do it yourself, if you own a good laser printer. However, it takes time for making handmade invitations, which in turn be stressful. You can also find several websites, which allows you to design your own invitation and download it later.

Dreams to reality from United Kingdom provides you elegant, modern handmade invitations and completely customized stationery. Company has over 6 years of experience in designing the homemade invitations. For more info, you can visit and discuss your wedding card invitation design needs.

You need to inform your guests clearly about the wedding. With personalized invitations, you are not only offering your guests the best handmade item, but you can also save money.


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